Dice Tray Black

Dice Tray Black
Dice Tray Black
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R.E.D exclusive 

These folding dice trays are the greatest d&d accessory!

With luxurious velvet on the inside and black vinyl on the outside, these guys clip together to give you a convenient and portable dice tray.

These tray's keep your dice together and stop your dice from rolling all over the table.

These trays are the perfect size! They don't take up too much table space and as a bonus they are designed to fit in the front of your players handbook when flat, making traveling a whole lot easier.

Designed by the Random Encounter team. 

Flat - 19cm x 27cm

Folded - 14.5 x 22cm

Please Note: Trays will be sent separate to anything else you order so they may arrive a day or so apart.

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