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Marble - Druid Craft - 7pc RPG Dice Set

Marble - Druid Craft - 7pc RPG Dice Set
Marble - Druid Craft - 7pc RPG Dice Set
$13.00 AUD

Our ‘Druid Craft’ is an elegant marbled forest green and snow white dnd dice set with lovely gold numbers. 

This 7 piece role playing dice set is ideal for RPG dice games like dungeons and dragons. This dnd dice set comes with a D4, D6, D8, D10(0-9), D10(00-90), D12, D20. ‘Druid Craft’ RPG dice is made from resin making them lightweight and ideal for taking to dnd games.
This awesome polyhedral dice set is great for any level dnd adventurer.
‘Druid Craft’ is part of the RPG dice ‘Marble Adventurers’ collection. 

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As untamed as the wilderness in which she was raised. She takes a minute to breathe in the fresh air of the dense forest. This is her forest. With a whisper to the spirits of nature a rose grows from thin air in her hand. She drops the rose on the mangled corpse surrounded by animal paw prints. The same paw prints that lead to where she now stands.
Dice D4, D6, D8, D10(0-9), D10(00-90), D12, D20
Dice Colour Green, White
Number Colour Gold
Size 16mm
Material Resin
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