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Wish - 7pc RPG Dice Set

Wish - 7pc RPG Dice Set

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One of the most powerful spells in 5e Dungeons and Dragons, the Wish spell can bring devistating results to the battlefield and change the naritive of the game completely.

The Wish dice set is a layered set that brings together light purple and pink before being inked in silver.

This is a 16mm 7 piece polyhedral dice set for RPG dice games like Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) and Pathfinder. Each set contains 1 of the following

  • D4
  • D6
  • D8
  • D10(0-9)
  • D10(00-90)
  • D12
  • D20


Thankfull there is no danger of rolling this set and never being able to use them again, unlike the spell... unless you throw them into the abyss from which nothing returns, located under your couch.
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