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EA#5 - Patron's Gift - Warlock Magic Item

EA#5 - Patron's Gift - Warlock Magic Item

We love our patron seeking character’s. They are a great way to push our narrative forward with the help of their patrons, or cause a whole bunch of mischief. Either way, we’ve seen a little flaw in the design of the Warlock, which ultimately makes the class uninteresting to play at times. Therefore we present the Patron’s Gift.

Item Name

Patron’s Gift


Wand, Rare (requires attunement by a Warlock)


While attuned to the wand, the bearer is granted one additional spell slot of the warlock spell slot. This spell slot maintains the spell slot level of the warlock’s current spell slot level, as shown in the Player’s Handbook on page 106. This additional spell slot follows the same rules as the other warlock spell slots with regard to recovery.



At the point, it is a long storied issue of the amount of spell slots the Warlock has to utilize during the adventuring day. It’s both been our experience as Warlock’s, and witnessing other players character’s get boiled down to ‘I guess I just eldritch blast’ because ultimately their spell slots have been expended. While it is on the player to manage these spell slots effectively, it is our intent with this edition of the Enchanted Anvil that our Warlock players are given a slight reprieve to the struggle of ‘Should I use a spell slot here or should I just cast Eldritch Blast’


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As always, if you have any feedback on any of the items, including balance issues, or questions, please feel free to leave a comment on the post directly and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

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