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R.E.D is proud to support Australian RPG tabletop gamers with all their polyhedral dice needs.

Dice for Dungeons and Dragons

The most popular of RPG's, Dungeons and Dragons uses a collection of 7 types of polihedral dice. We bring you the best versions of those dice. Some we've designed ourselves, others sourced from suppliers.

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Enchanted Anvil

Jun 30, 2022

EA#5 - Patron's Gift - Warlock Magic Item

We love our patron seeking character’s. They are a great way to push our narrative forward with the help of their pat...

Jun 8, 2022

EA#4 - Defining Incident Background Generator

Not every backstory is tragic. The simple fact is that, as adventurers, the character sees the worst of the world tha...

May 26, 2022

EA#3 - Holy Crusader

Over the next few editions of the Enchanted Avil we will be creating individual items that are used by a single class...

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