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About Us

 A beast conclave ranger with a shadow mastiff companion. 

A sun sword wielding paladin. 

We are the people that laugh when the bard fails that deception roll. 

We are the people that cry when a party member fails that final death saving throw.

We are the people that sit next to you every Saturday till 3am creating stories of great battles between gods and demons. 

We are an Australian owned and operated online dice store.

Who is R.E.D

Kirra - Owner, evil doer that exchanges your gold for pretty math rocks (and beast conclave ranger)

Karl - Web and dice designer, events manager, all around nice guy (and sun sword wielding paladin)

Jackson - Tiny humanoid that sometimes impedes our abilities 

Daniel - Event and real life fundamental demigod (and the best DM)


 Our Event Goblins

Those amazing, playful individuals that you interact with at our events, we are ever thankful to call them our wonderful family, friends and party members.

R.E.D Backstory

My name is Kirra and I am just like you, I am a dice goblin. 

My boyfriend introduced me to D&D and he became more than my boyfriend - he became my party member, traveling with me through enchanted worlds, haunted villages, deep hidden caverns and lava ringed certain death hopscotch.

I struggled to find any good dice sets in Australia. After being repeatedly disappointed I realised that I wasn't the only one searching to fill this emptiness that was a bag full of amazing click clacky goodness. In January 2018 Random Encounter Dice was born.

Fast forward to 2021 - R.E.D are now producing sets that we design and we are continually providing R.E.Dlings with their dice fix! That boyfriend became my business partner, my fiance and the father of our now 1 year old chaotic neutral halfling. 

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