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Dancing Lights - 7pc RPG Dice Set

Dancing Lights - 7pc RPG Dice Set

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‘You damned fireball thrower… I can’t see. Throw up some damned light’ the warrior with the cow face exclaimed. Under the giant brimmed pointy hat, the wizard grinned from pointy ear to pointy ear. ‘Why? Fraid of the dark?’


Dice Icons

The Details

A simple cantrip but for some party members this may be the most important spell for your campaign.

A gradient of pastel going from teal, blue and purple inked in silver.

This polyhedral dice set is a 16mm seven piece dice set for dice games such as D&D and Pathfinder.

This 7 piece D&D dice set contains 1 of the following:

  • D4
  • D6
  • D8
  • D10(0-9)
  • D10(00-90)
  • D12
  • D20

Dancing lights is part of our gradients range, all designed towards the amalgamation of colour.

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