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Siren Call - Pearl
Siren Call - Pearl
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Siren Call - Pearl

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The astral was a void. Her translucent skin gave the impression that she was one with the abyss. The githyanki ship she set upon was a difficult prey. Their own mind powers afforded them a measure of protection from her own. But they succumbed. Though the cost was too high… for she hadn’t noticed the stowaway tadpole.


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The Details

Long have cautionary stories been told of the beauties of the deep. Their song entices those of weak will down into the loving ‘embrace’ of vocal creatures. This siren can be found in the Astral Sea.

Shimmering pink and gold within a translucent resin, these dice are completed by silver or gold ink.

As part of the R.E.D. Authentic’s range, this collection was designed by the R.E.D team, using our mould featuring our dragon head on the D20 (representing the 20).

Red Dragon Head

Each set is a seven piece dice set of 16mm polyhedral dice for use in tabletop games such as D&D, Pathfinder and other RPGs.

A set contains 1 each of the following:

  • D4
  • D6
  • D8
  • D10(0-9)
  • D10(00-90)
  • D12
  • D20

We hope that you embrace the Siren Call, our third set of R.E.D Authentics, as we have. Listen to the choir and join us… the water is fine.

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