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Alchemy - 7pc RPG Dice Set

Vapor - Alchemy - 7pc RPG Dice Set

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Pots, bowls, glasses, jugs and caldrons lined the shelves of the nine foot square room. ‘Not a step or hand out of place’ cautioned the wizard, making an inventory of the stock surrounding them. ‘Love potion!’ exclaimed the bard. ‘Don’t mind if I do!’


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The Details

Completely different from some of the more famous alchemists that may or not be full metal, we want to combine two or more forbidden components to create something that shouldn’t be… maybe we’re not so far from the full metal afterall.

Clear translucent resin containing two wisps of colour, pink and blue, the set is completed with gold ink within the numbers.

Perfect for games like the tabletop RPG Dungeons and Dragons, this set contains seven pieces of 16mm dice.

This 7 piece D&D dice set contains 1 of the following:

  • D4
  • D6
  • D8
  • D10(0-9)
  • D10(00-90)
  • D12
  • D20

By no means forbidden, but perhaps caution is required around the alchemy. Mixing may cause unknown results.

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