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Roll Up Dice Mat

Roll Up Dice Mat

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You've encountered another dice accessory! The Roll Up Dice Mat... is just that. A dice mat that rolls up! Gone are the days of your friends complaining that your metal dice are ruining their dining tables. Roll out this mat and roll away (keep the dice on the mat of course). 

How big is the Roll Up Dice Mat when it's rolled out?
Good question, when rolled out the mat is around 28cm by 25cm.

Want more from your Roll Up Dice Mat?
You got it. This dice mat also allows you to store dice within it's side compartment as well. All you need for your adventuring day is this mat, the dice within and a character sheet. You can get one set in for sure. Maybe two sets if they had been on a successful diet.

Still want more from your Roll Up Dice Mat?
Well no... that's it.

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