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D&D Character Cards

D&D Character Cards

Greetings great master of the dungeon! 

I, your humble servant have created a boon for your adventures. Something to help manage your knowledge of those pesky adventurers that see fit to unravel the treacherous tapestry you weave for them. 

Download the Character Cards PDF

Within the digital tome of the aforementioned hyperlink you will find two pages of character cards. 

Character Cards - Fold Over


These cards are set up to provide you with the vital details of each adventurer. The information listed is the following:

  • Character Name
  • Player Name
  • Race
  • Class
  • Passive Perception
  • Passive Investigation
  • Armor Class
  • Total HP

As you can see, you're gaining access to a vast knowledge on each of the adventurers. Knowledge you can use to exploit their weaknesses!

Page One

The first page lists the cards in 2 by 4 layout, allowing 8 character cards on a page in total. Either keep the cards together on the page, or cut them out for easy adhesion to Dungeon Master screens. 

Page Two

The second page had the cards listed in a 2 by 2 layout. These provide a back page to the character card providing multiple choices for how best to use them. One may use the space to write additional information. Another may fold the card in half and hang them from the top of the dungeon masters screen and use them as an impromptu initiative tracker. It is at your discretion master.


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