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D&D Initiative Order Cards

D&D Initiative Order Cards

Welcome back, oh great overseer of games!

Today I bring you a powerful scroll. One that allows you to order the chaos of battle.

Download the Initiative Order Cards

With this digital tome tracking the turns and rounds of combat has been made a minor inconvenience in comparison to previous endeavours. 


As with all these digital scrolls, this D&D initiative tracker is set up to print out 4 per sheet of paper. Cut them out or keep them together depending on how best suits your organisation.

Using the Tracker

The numbers listed from one to ten are not representations of the initiative your adventurer or creature has rolled, rather the position in the order that being has been placed. The highest initiative rolled is placed in the number one spot. The second highest goes into the second spot, and so on.

Enough space has been allowed for you to put multiple names in the same spot, as it's likely creatures and adventurers will receive the same initiative at times.

Lair events and other actions which occur on a certain initiative can also be added into the initiative in the appropriate number without disrupting the flow of the tracker. That is, if a lair action occurs on initiative count 20, any beings with a higher initiative will be above the lair action in the list, any beings below this initiative count will come in behind the lair action.

Initative Trackers

Leave a suggestion for improvement

If there is a change that you would see valuable, please leave a comment below and we'll take it under advisement for any future updates that we have to the digital tome.

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