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D&D Legendary Monster Trackers

D&D Legendary Monster Trackers

All hail the mighty being able to harness the most legendary of creatures to do their bidding!

I, your most humble servant, have brought you a mighty weapon in welding legendary monsters against your adventurers.

Download the D&D Legendary Monster Tracking Cards

This digital scroll contains the essential stats to help track all the abilities at the disposal of your most powerful creatures. This includes:

  • Enemy Name or Assignment
  • Initiative
  • Armor Class
  • Hit Points
  • Legendary Actions x 4
  • Legendary actions usage tracking
  • Legendary resistances usage tracking

No longer will you forget to use a creature's legendary actions before the round of combat has concluded.


As with all our digital scrolls, this scroll has been set up to display four trackers per page, allowing you to either cut them out for individual use, or leave them together, depending on what suits your organisational requirements. 

Fill out the details for the creature. Use the hit points box to track as the creature losses or regains health. List all the legendary actions by name to help you remember which are available to you.

The bottom of the card is split into rounds. As you progress through the round, ensure that you're using the legendary actions of the creature for that round. If the actions reset at the start of a round, ensure to track which round you're on and tick the legendary actions boxes as they are being used per round. 

Typically legendary resistance doesn't refresh at the beginning of the creature's turn. Ensure that you use the creature correctly. Tick off when a legendary resistance has been used and what round it has been used in.

Legendary Monster Tracker

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