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D&D Spell Measurements

D&D Spell Measurements

Greetings my mighty wielder of the arcane and/or devine magics. 

Today I have brought you a tome that will have you harvest your magical energy with deadly accuracy. These are both for the master of games and the adventurers under their gaze. 

Download the Spell Distances and Measurements

This digital scroll contains the shapes and dimensions of spell effects that are used on the battlefield. These include:

  • 15 foot cone
  • 30 foot cone
  • 15 foot radius
  • 30 foot straight line
  • 20 foot radius

No longer will you argue over if a character or enemy is hit with a spell effect!

Spell Effect Sizes


Download the digital tome above and print it out. We recommend for the ease of use that you print these on paper that is at least 160gsm. This will allow you to present the spell without it flopping limply on the battlefield. 

Once printed, cut out each spell measurement and get prepared for battlefield madness.

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