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EA#1 - Ring of Adequacy

EA#1 - Ring of Adequacy

Welcome to the first Enchanted Anvil article from Random Encounter Dice. The Enchanted Anvil is going to be a regular homebrew series for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition that we will be bringing out, as our way of saying thank you for the support the TTRPG community has shown over the last five years. Our intent is that both players and DM’s can get value out of this series. This is reflected in our design philosophy. 

It’s well known that homebrew items can be designed to be completely overpowered, which can result in the DM’s being skeptical of any item outside of the GM’s guide that a player brings to them. Any item produced in this series will be balanced through the use of conditions and potential drawbacks.

Each post will contain a downloadable PDF of an item card that you can print. If items have modifiable areas, the PDF will allow you to fill out those areas before printing.

Our first item is the ‘Ring of Adequacy’.




Item Name

Ring of Adequacy


Wonderous Item, Uncommon


An unassuming gold band devoid of any mark or feature that would depict the item having any magical property, aside from casting a shadow tinted red regardless of the ambient light colour in the immediate area.



Gives a +1 to a single ability score of the wearer. The ability score is to be set by the DM.

The wearer can only gain the benefits of one ‘Ring of Adequacy’ at any one time. The ‘Ring of Adequacy’ will not increase an ability score above 20. The magic of the ‘Ring of Adequacy’ will be nullified by other magical items that produce ability score increases to the same stat that this ring does.

This item does not require attunement.



The Ring of Adequacy is designed to provide the player character with a small boost to a stat that would be otherwise ignored during an ability score improvement, or allow a character to boost a valuable stat allowing them to put an ASI into other 

Example: Gerald the goliath barbarian has an 11 in his wisdom. Gerald receives a Ring of Adequacy (Wis) boosting his ability score to 12, changing his wisdom modifier from 0 to +1 



*Note: Before providing to your player, ensure to fill out wish ability score is going to be increased in the PDF.

If you have any feedback on any of the items, including balance issues, or questions, please feel free to leave a comment on the post directly and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

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