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EA#2 - Tragic Backstory Tables

EA#2 - Tragic Backstory Tables

As DM’s or players we’ve all been put into the position where we’re starting a new campaign, the other players are all excited to roll their characters with their interesting and complex backstories, except for that one who comes to the table at the last minute without anything prepared. You want to slot them into the world and give them a hook into why they became an adventurer, well we want to give you a quick solution. 


In this Enchanted Anvil we’ll be providing you with the first tool of many to come to help you the player or DM give an interesting background to the character. WotC did release official tools around backstory creation within the XGTE book, however we wanted to push further, giving you more options and to make them accessible for those who haven’t purchased all the books.


Our first tool in this endeavor will be the ‘Tragic Backstory Table’. Tragic backstories are the bread and butter of the player character creation world and while we’re aware not every character gets into adventuring because of a tragedy (which we will address in the future), a tragic backstory does give the DM some hooks to sink into the player.


Download the Tragic Backstory Table

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